Friday, February 12, 2010

Toilet paper valium

Dear world,
I am usually fine when I am alone in the house. I like to take naps and explore around the house, sometimes even watch TV if anything good is on (NOT Sponge Bob). But sometimes I get a bit anxious. It usually happens when something out of the ordinary occurs. Like yesterday. It is usually very quiet around here but there were all sorts of loud noises coming from next door (later I found out they were fixing something). I got scared. So I did what I think any normal scared dog would do to calm themselves down. I attacked the toilet paper. That made me feel better.
Love always,


  1. if the makers of toilet paper didn't want dogs biting their products, they wouldn't make them in sizes that fit a dog's mouth. I can't blame you. That roll looks very tempting. And if you were scare it almost make sense.

    Fernando from Montreal

  2. Hee hee I do that all the time. My peeps have to hide toilet papers from me! SeattleP

  3. poor Bear...I don't like loud noises either. I'm glad toilet paper helped you feel better though. *woof*