Sunday, February 28, 2010

Babushska Bear

Dear world,
With all this snow around the US lately, I was wondering about my new town in the winter. My mom showed me pics from a few weeks ago when things were covered in snow. I thought uh oh! I may be cold. So I thought should I get a coat? I am not sure what other dogs do where I am going to live. My mom and dad always say that it is important to cover your head to keep warm. So I decided that this outfit would work. My sister said I looked like a babushka (sounds like some kind of food). What do you think?
Love always,


  1. That might come in handy if it's cold and windy.

  2. I think is makes you look old. Also, that seems to go around your body. Your adorable face saves that piece of cloth.

  3. I'm glad you're getting use out of the scarf I left down there. It's very comfy isn't it?

  4. BearBearD!!! Yes Thats about It or you can tie the Babushka under your chin..Either way it's a win win for flying fur or hair!! Your Hot looking & yes it will keep you warm!Warm head Warm body!!

    Love Gracie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo