Friday, February 19, 2010

Virgin Margarita please

Dear world,
I heard a song on the radio today and asked my mom who it was. She said it was Jimmy Buffet and told me about him. He sounds like such a cool dude. And what an attitude about life. Why don't all humans have that kind of attitude? And what about his lifestyle? He has his own line of food and eats cheeseburgers in paradise.
Even though I don't drink, I think I am going to book a vacation in Margaritaville. Anyone want to join me?
Love always,


  1. I would like to go with you, Bear. *running off to pack a suitcase* Cheeseburgers in paradise? With you? Doesn't get any better than that. *wag wag* ~MaggieTDog

  2. Cheeseburgers in paradise? Runs to catch up to Bear and Maggie!!

  3. I'm there! When are we leaving?
    Fluffs, Niqqi

  4. I want 2 go wif you guy's sounds so much fun !


  5. Ohhh Bear! Clearly your Mom has not been having the virgin ritas ;) ( stay away from her when she has a camera and hat in same hand at same time I learned this a long time ago;)

    I have to admit that.. I actually know this family and, no this is not a random post BUT instead this is a plea for an intervention for poor bear ( whoobvisouly has drank the "Fame" Koolaid). If you follow this blog you clearly can see that Bear is subjected to more holiday dressings than ailse 5 at CVS;) Whats next a floaty noodle and flip flops? ...wait was that done already, I forget

    Anywhoo , I am making a crusade to the west to try to save my poor freind bear and nuetralize his Mommy dearest..I am doubtful about my success but will be none the less happy for the voyage !

    Mucho Besos my Bearasito! chug on bro!

    Love and kisses your Auntie G