Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ten collars?

Dear world,
I have so many collars. And of course the matching leashes. When I came into the family, of course I expected a new collar. And I got a beautiful dark green one with my name and phone # on it. But then came another in neon green, also with my name and #. My mom told me that one was lighter weight so we would use it for the beach. And since we lived on a golf course, I got a collar with little golf carts on it. That was for our walks around the golf course. And then there was my preppie collar which looks like one of my dads ties. And then she ordered another and that one has my picture all over it. Then it was baseball season, so a new collar and leash arrived with the Padres logo all over it. And by the way, at that time, my brother was still with us, so of course we had matching collars. So then we moved to the beach. I have never worn my golf collar again. And the other ones had a phone # and we changed #s, so I never saw those again either. But I wasn't worried. I know my mom. So the beach theme collars started to arrive. I have a collar with crabs on it, one with surfboards and another with snorkeling dogs. I have my dressy collar with golden retrievers on it. And then there are the 2 lightweight sets for the beach, yellow or blue stripes. And for Xmas my mom's friend sent me a leather Elvis collar. I haven't worn it yet. But it will be the first thing I put on when I arrive in my new home town. And I am sure there will be more collars to come.
Is this normal?
Love always,


  1. WOW - you are a most fortunate doggie. A collar for every mood.

  2. Dear Bear, yes, is normal.
    Your human handler thinks that collars are for you as shoes are for women. They are just trying to give you all he/she can because you are their 'best friend' and they are just trying to pay you back.

    Fernando from Montreal