Thursday, May 19, 2011

Retriever rulers

Dear world,
On April 14, I did a post about Dogpolean. Yesterday, I finally met him and he agreed to a meeting with me and Fuzz. His name is actually Max. That is short for Maximillian. (So I wasn't so far off with Dogpolean!). Anyway, he acquiesced that he would just rule his house property and not the neighborhood. And since we are all retrievers, we decided we could call ourselves Retriever Rulers. So all retrievers in the neighborhood (there are a ton) can join. Rosy felt so left out. So she anointed herself Queen Rosy. She said she rules the retrievers. Great. So now its Rosypolean.

Love always,



  1. Bear I fink Rosy iz likely to alwayze be queen ennywayz. Yoo guyz make a good looking army uv retrievers! It shur look lyke yoo guyz iz habin a gweat time.

  2. Bear, you look very happy to have a new friend.
    Is that Fuzz wiggling on the grass? he looks happy too.

  3. Those nose-to-nose photos are tremendous and i'm loving Rosy's new name !