Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steak Saturday

Dear world,
My Dad had a great idea. When Mom goes out of town, he wants to make it Steak Saturday. That would mean Steak n' Eggs in the morning, a Steak sandwich for lunch, and a Porterhouse steak for dinner. Mom overheard us and said she had a better idea. She suggested Salad Saturday. So now of course he will have to deal with Mom guilt if he moves forward with Steak Saturday. I have a feeling I will be smelling lettuce and tomato.
Love always,


  1. Maybe a compromise. Have steak at breakfast and supper and salad at lunch... Win-win. Hope your dreams come true.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. You could always have steak salad! Everyone's happy.

  3. Mom is gone and Dad can't eat what he wants? (that includes sharing with Bear,Fuzz,Rosy I assume). That's no fun. Fuzz (he is bigger) will end burying mom in a snow bank (a shallow one maybe).

  4. Steak Saturday sownd good to me! I lyke to lap up da salad dwessing when mama haz dat too, so maybe dere will be sumthin gud to eat wif a salad also Bear.