Monday, January 3, 2011

Sun Studio

Dear world,
On this date 61 years ago, a recording studio was opened by rock pioneer Sam Phillips right here on Union Avenue in Memphis. Sun Studio became the birthplace of Rock and Roll. So many famous musicians recorded there including Elvis Presley. Yes! Elvis! Sun Records released his first recording. You can go today and do your own recording. I really wish dogs were allowed in to do that. Maybe I would be discovered. The next big talent from Sun Studio...Rockin' Bear.
Love always,


  1. Yo! Rockin' Bear... Just start singing in the street there. You'll get noticed for sure.

    pawhugs and waiting for your first album... Max

  2. You go pal - I'm sure you'll be a big hit.

  3. Yoo wud be a gweat Rocker! I fink dey shud let dogs in. My hyooman brofur was borned on Elvis Birfday, but I don't fink dat he knew Elvis beary well. Rock on, Bear!

  4. you could be the new Elvis Bearley.
    I'm sure Fuzz will join your band.
    Rosy on the vocals?

  5. Ask You M & D!! A doggie can dooo anything!!Dads been there & said Elvis Drove from Tupelo,Mississippi! Dad drove a Harley there to Check out Country Music & Brought Mom Surprises!He said nice Casinos There. & Elvis had the Kernel who took his Money! So Let your M & D be your Agent when you record! You can howl a Tune with Rosey,Fuzz!. Molly sings to Pianos & accordions..She howls loudly. *Just a tip to get your Voices Tuned up for your Recording*!! I say Goooo For It:)
    *Gracie Anne*