Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneaker shopping

Dear world,
The other day Mom and Dad took me into this place called New Balance. It was full of sneakers. Weird! I was a bit freaked at first but Rosy explained we were shoe shopping . (she has done this many times.) So she sat comfortably up on a seat and watched as Mom and Dad tried on sneakers. So I figured, while I was there, maybe I could do some shopping too. None of the sneakers fit me. So many problems being a dog.

Love always,



  1. You don't need sneekers, Bear. You haz purrfect pads on ur feet allreddy! It looks lyke you is habin fun tryin dem on tho. :)

  2. Oh, Bear! Look at your happy face! Those sneakers look good on you. Maybe you could try them on in a kid's size. Of course, if they fit, you'd need to buy two pairs. You and Rosy are so lucky to get to go into people stores. San Diego must be a very enlightened place where animals are concerned.