Friday, February 24, 2012

Legal Treats

Dear world,

The other day, Mom and Dad went out and left Rosy and I alone. Rosy went upstairs to take a nap. That left me bored and a bit hungry. So I walked into the kitchen and eyed the treat basket on the counter. Even though it was beyond my usual reach, I took the challenge. I was able to reach one bag which knocked down some others. SCORE! Then I carried each bag over to my bed to admire my potential feast. But then I started feeling really guilty. I dont like to get in trouble. So I decided not to eat anything, and just drool on the bags instead. When Mom and Dad came home, Mom was proud that I didnt eat the treats, so she gave some to me legally. I feel so much better being a good boy.

Love always,



  1. Hmmm... I like this tactic, must try... *opening drawer with treats in it*

  2. Remarkable restraint, Bear! And what a nice reward in the end.

  3. Bear, leaving treats at your reach is almost a dare. You passed the test. You got those bags. I guess opening plastic bags is not easy without fingers. You are such a good buy in any case.

  4. Aww Bear bein a gud boy paid off!

  5. oooh, I wish I could be that good *shaking head*. I have to admit, I would have eaten it all, then felt guilty! Glad that you got rewarded fur being so good Bear!

  6. Oh, Bear not sure I could have waited, my treats all tucked away, u such a good doggie!