Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Town

Dear world,
Another cool place in San Diego is Old Town. It's considered the birthplace of California cause in 1769, Father Junipero Serra came to establish the very first mission of 21 missions that were to be the cornerstone of California’s colonization. In the 1820's, a small Mexican community of adobe buildings was formed and by 1835 became El Pueblo de San Diego. Then in 1846, the American flag was raised in the Old Town San Diego Plaza. Now you can go to to Old Town and see what San Diego was like during the 1800's through exhibits, museums and living history demonstrations. But most importantly to me, Old Town is SO dog friendly. We can walk around pretty much everywhere outside. We can roll in the grass in the park. Sniff outside all the historic buildings and interesting stores and carts. And Old Town smells so yum from all the delicious cooking going on that it puts makes me so hungry. But that's OK, cause there are all sorts of cafes which welcome dogs. I cant wait to go back.

Love always,



  1. M said she loved old Towne when she visited there about 5 years ago.

  2. hurray fur old town! Now thats how it shud be fur doggies! It looks like you an Rosy had a good time an that makes me happy!

  3. I bet it Old Town haz smells frum rilly long ago too. You r so lucky to get to go on so many adbentures. I love seein you get to roll in da grass. I know dat iz one uv your favrite fings to do!

  4. That is so cool Bear. I hope to visit one day.