Monday, February 20, 2012

George Washington

Dear world.
George Washington’s actual birthday is Feb 22, 1732, but we start partying early as today is Presidents Day. Washington was a big time guy here in the late 1700's. He was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and led us to victory over the British in the American Revolutionary War. He’s best known for being first Prez of the United States and was elected unanimously - none of this silly campaign stuff. But not only was he one of the best presidents and military leaders ever, did you know he loved dogs? One of his fave dogs was named SweetLips! He even called a cease fire to return a lost dog to his enemy! Now that is a great man! If I were Prez Bear, I would want to be just like George Washington!

Happy Birthday to the "Father of our country".

Love always,



  1. Whoa - what a handsome George you are - you are more handsome than the original.

  2. I thought tennis was invented much later but I guess I was wrong... I can see Washington with a tennis ball... :)