Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dont Cry Over Spilled Milk !

Dear world,
It's Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. It is a day to be optimistic, think positive, look on the bright side, and to find something good in everything that happens. We all know that poop happens. But when it does, don't worry, or cry over it. Rather, fix it, or get over it. Take my example, if I spill milk, I don't cry, I just lick it up! YUM!

Love always,



  1. You iz doin it rite Bear! Iz wud luv sum nice spilled milk tooday so Iz go look fur some *purrrr*

  2. ha ha - Will you share it with me?

  3. Hi Bear, that milk looks great. But we want to tell you that Human Kathy said to thank you for posting that topic. She often cries over spilled milk.Silly girl. Don't know why she doesn't just drink it :-)

  4. I fink spilled milk wud be da BEST! I love love love milk! As fur da bad stuffs, mama kinda haz dat attitude. Fix wut u can, and let da rest go! :) Happy Spilled Milk Day! (Hope we have sum today)

  5. You and me too, Bear! Just let me have it! And let me tell you, someone messes up here? Well, we don't care either. Just move on and all is well. What's a little spilled milk? Right?

  6. We are kitties on the spot if there's any spilled cream from those little restaurant containers. OurPeople don't put cream in coffee, but they sometimes bring some home for us.

    They used to know a dog who would come to their house to clean up an egg dropped on the floor, too. We don't think there's any Don't Cry Over Dropped Eggs Day though!

    Love from RainbowCatsx8
    P.S. We love your placemat!!