Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memphis Society

Dear world,
I went to a fair last weekend in Shelby Farms Park and met these really nice people. They told me and my Mom & Dad about about the Off Leash Society. They have a 37 acres park within the park where it is leash free. Wow! We couldn't go that day, but we will soon. So my Mom & Dad donated by buying t-shirts and me a bandanna. And I signed up so I am now an official member of the Society. How impressive is that. Less than a month here in Memphis and I am already part of the Society. Need to get that tuxedo!
Love always,


  1. Moving to Memphis sounds as though it has been great for you, you are going to have so much fun with a society and your bandana looks pawesome!

  2. Congratulations on your new membership. Looks like a great place for doggies to run and play. You are really handsome in your new bandana.

  3. Wow that's exciting. You're going to make lots of new pawsome furriends.

  4. congrats. I'm sure the Society will benefit with a dog like you and such a good personality.

  5. hey, told you Shelby Farms was gonna be fun! There is another park on the north side of Memphis, think you can go straight out North Watkin from I-240, headed in the general direction of Millington and you will find it. It is called Shelby Forest. Not quite as big as Shelby Farms, but it is right on the Mississippi River! Was alway nice place, lots of shade in the summer and cool breeze of the Mighty Mississippi! Easy to get lost though if you leave the main roads and trails.

  6. it's me whereisbuddy, Coopie is my "pen name", no really Coopie is my Sisfur and Mom was on her Google Acct when she posted the comment!

  7. WOW....37 acres! O.o Pawsome!

  8. Oh, Bear! We are sooo happy that you and your Mom and Dad came out to the Earth Day celebration this past Sunday. I was so thrilled to meet you, and am so excited for you to visit the dog park out there! You will LOVE it!
    We (Off Leash Society) are proud to have you as new members. Thank you for donating to our cause...which is all on behalf of our area! We are currently raising money to put in a doggie drinking fountain and even a dog wash area to clean you off after playing in the pond!
    Oh, and I got a great picture of you with my granddaughter, Morgan, on Sunday, too!
    Please keep in touch, Bear!
    T Sears
    Off Leash Society President
    Memphis TN