Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Bunny

Dear world,
Today is my niece BunnyBell's birthday.We don't know exactly how old she is because she was a rescue. She will probably be forever 4. Everyone always asks what kind of dog she is. My sis (her mom) based on the DNA test says she is a Crested Pompoo Powderpuff. I would just say, a Pomeranian mix. I used to get really annoyed by her. She kept copying everything I did including lifting her leg to pee wherever I did. She would get to be carried or sit on my mom's lap, neither of which I can do. But then I started spending more time with her when my mom kept borrowing her from my sis. And then I started liking her lots. Now that I have moved, I wont see her much. That makes me sad. I know, I will ask my parents to celebrate her birthday with a pizza. Too bad she wont be here to have a slice.
Love always,
Uncle Bear

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Bunny, we hope you had a smashing birthday and how sad you won't get to see Bear so much now.....your birthday photo is just adorable. XX