Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Black Pearl

Dear world,
We met our neighbor dog yesterday, a black lab named Pearl. We saw her name on her collar. She was barking a lot especially since there were workman right near the lawn. I ran over to her by the fence and she growled,snarled and showed me her teeth. Pearly white. But whoa, I got the hint! But that didn't stop my mom of course. She walked right up to her and started talking really sweet to her. She even gave her one of my new tennis balls! Can you imagine? Pearl didn't seem to care about that. She was focused however on getting mine. But luckily that couldn't happen, she'd probably bite me with those white teeth. I guess Pearl has yet to be cultured.
Love always


  1. I assume her mama is not as good as yours and the doggy hasn't been walk around enough time. Tell your mama to rub a ball in your precious fur and then give it to your new friend. She will learn your smell and that could break the ice.
    She is cute and in the pic she looks a little bit sad.

  2. I'm happy Pearl didn't get your ball. maybe you will get to be friends one day.

  3. Some pups (cough cough, I'm guilty) don't always have the best manners & they may need time to warm up to you. Maybe you and your mama can help Pearl learn that you're friendly. I'm 7 now and it took me a long time to learn manners...

  4. OH noes! Your momma is so sweet to talks nice to Pearl and offers a ball even. Sorry she snarled at you dats not very nice at all. Maybe she still learnings her manners MOL


  5. Better watch out for those southern belle doggies.