Friday, April 9, 2010

Good-bye Beach

Dear world,
Tomorrow is the big day. I am moving from San Diego to Memphis. So yesterday I had to say good-bye to my beach. So many ask, are u going to miss it? Like DUH!. But I will have a pool, so I can still swim. My mom says I will love my new house and my new neighborhood, and I have always been able to believe her. So good bye Del Mar beach. Thanks for the memories. Oh! The ocean waved back!
Love always,


  1. You better have, in your new place, a big area where to run. Going from the beach to a small place will drive you nuts.
    Good luck with the move. I hope you don't get all stress.

  2. That's a rilly big move Bear, you iz a brave doggy. I am sure you can trust your mom, an I hopes your move goes well for you.

  3. I no you will miss your beach so much, but Memphis is a nice place, it not reall very far frome me, I live Arkansas just over da river really an @foreverGinger lives In Nashville so we can say Hi an welcome to da south I do hope you will like it here !! Hugsxxxx

  4. You are moving closer to me! Isn't it all about me?

  5. Saying good bye is always hard, for me anyways...I'd sure miss the ocean. I have yet to see one though.
    good luck with your big moving day. Can't wait to see you in your new house with a pool :o)

  6. touching, sweet Bear X

  7. If ever I get lucky and visit the beach in Washington I will say "Hi" just for you. I will let the beach know you are ok and that you miss it.

    Safe travels to your new home.