Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Squirrel friends

Dear world,
The other day I discovered that I am interested in squirrels. In this picture I am looking at a squirrel, not the beach. There were some girls below the bluff that got scared because they thought I was getting ready to attack them. Yeah right. Where we used to live I was more interested in the little bunnies that used to hop by. And I don't usually see squirrels at the beach. My mom said in our new house there will be lots of squirrels right in my front yard. That will be fun. I will have new friends- squirrels. I hope they will want to be my friend too.
Love always,


  1. You haz a lot to lern Bear. Them squirrels is norty and you will end up chasin em. Believe me

  2. We have lots of squirrels around here in NC! My babies LOVE them...watching, chasing, and treeing! I have squirrel feeders around the yard and on on the porch for my dogs amusement! You can't beat cheap entertainment...Right?!!