Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unstable Cliffs II

Dear world,
I went for a long beach walk the other day with my Mom. One part of the beach is bordered by these beautiful, but unstable cliffs (I wrote about them in my February 26th post). I decided to take my nap right next to them for shade. My mom went to find shells. All of a sudden I heard rumbling. I thought I was dreaming. I looked up and there was this giant boulder coming down. AGHH! I ran away just in the nick of time!
Actually, that didn't happen. APRIL FOOLS! But this pic is real, so they truly are unstable cliffs, just as the sign says. And I will be careful now in choosing where I take my beach naps.
Love always,


  1. Ha Ha , I am glad it didn't happen my frwend !!!


  2. You silly, Bear. Dat is a nice foto of you on da beach.