Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Trip to Memphis: Part Two

Dear world,
The van that picked us up from our house, took us to this small airport. We drove right up to this very small plane with a red carpet in front of the door. A red carpet! So I immediately started looking out for celebrities. I got out of the van and these people led my mom & dad and me to the red carpet! I thought wow! I, BearBear am a celebrity. Then my mom told me we were going to fly to Memphis on the plane all together. How cool is that! Maybe I really am a celebrity. Has this blog become that famous?
Love always,


  1. You are a lucky doggie - I never been on a plane at all. Was it scary?

  2. Oh,how very cool! You got the Red Carpet treatment! I bet it was a fun trip for all of you.And I'm guessing you were a good traveler too!

  3. wow! I'm impress! red carpet, small jet... I can officially say that you live better than me :)

  4. Wow weeeee you are a very special doggy, a flight and a red carpet and Memphis, wooooo!

  5. u iz beary famous doggy and getting dat red carpet treatsments is just wot u deserves! *hi paw*