Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Dear world,
In honor of earth day I wanted to plant my very own tree. So we went out and got a tree to plant in my pooping area in my yard. I am so excited to have my own tree. I am responsible to fertilize it. And it is a flowering tree so I can pick flowers and give them to my mom on special days. She loves to get flowers. I will see how it goes with this tree and then maybe I can landscape my whole poop area. Azaleas would be nice since I am in the South now. We'll see.
Love always,


  1. nice to see somebody doing something positive for our poor Earth.
    good doggy :)

  2. You are a fine doggie to plant a tree on Earth Day. Good job Bear.

  3. Love, love, love this-how very sweet, Bear X

  4. Grrrreat job Bear *high paw* Love your smile :o)
    But no azaleas! it's one of the 5 deadliest plants to pets, according to ASPCA.

  5. What kind of tree did you plant?

    Lou - thanks for telling me about azaleas. I have never tried to eat any flowers but now mom and dad know to keep me away.