Friday, April 30, 2010

Memphis pizza

Dear world,
Everyone knows that my favorite food is pizza. Last night my mom and dad decided to have pizza for dinner. They ordered a pizza that I never heard of. They said that since Memphis is famous for Barbeque, they thought I could try a new kind of pizza, Barbeque pizza. I thought that sounded interesting. So they gave me a slice. Mmmmmmm. SO good. I 'm really liking Memphis!
Love always,


  1. OMC! You gets to has a slice of pizza! Dat is so pawsome! I wishes I could has hooman food but momma says I is a too demanding kitty to lets me tries anything cuz den I would wants it all da times MOL


  2. Aww yes Memphis BBQ is da best U must try some ribs next Bear !!


  3. I think mom and dad purposely get pizza with onions on it so I don't get any. We have barbecue in Furrginia too.

  4. Oh wow! You got pizza? You're so lucky, my human never has pizza. Pah....