Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Bear

Dear world,
Someone said to me that I am their hero. I thought that was SO nice. And then it got me to thinking. What if I was a Super Hero? What would my special power be? Well, everyone always says I make them smile. So I want to be the Super Hero in pursuit of creating smiles around the world. I wonder if my new cape has turbo power cause I have lots of faces to cover!

Love always,



  1. OMC - That is the best one yet!!!!@

  2. Oh, Bear
    You do make us smile. Every time we see you or talk with you on Twitter we and our Humans feel happy.
    So that is your "Super Power",making everyone smile.
    We bet that Mom and Dad never stop smiling when they are with you. They are so lucky.
    Love you.
    Tippy & Penny

  3. Bear, where do you get all these costumes from?! Youre amazing!

  4. Bear you sure do have dat super power! You make me n mai Mama smile efurry day! :)

  5. Bear, making someone smile is one of the best super-hero powers we've every heard of. We're glad you have that power.

  6. Yay that is something the world does need - a superhero to make people smile! Hugs for a grrrrreat superhero!

  7. diamondbertie says you are a super hero and my hero too

  8. Can we see your front? Are you wearing Superman's underwear?

  9. Do you have a special room for all your great costumes & hats & stuff? You're a very well-dressed pup! Love from RainbowCatsx8