Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Birthday Cake

Dear world,
We bought a cake for my blog's second birthday yesterday. As I was nudging the cake over to my blog for the first bite, Mom said to keep the cake away from the computer. Well, I didn't know how else to give my blog a piece, so Rosy, Bunnybell and I just dug in ourselves. YUM! No pizza since Mom and Dad took Sydne for sushi dinner. But Mom promised we can have a birthday pizza for my blog tonight. I wonder if she will let me give my blog a slice.

Love always,


P.S. You can still comment on yesterday's blog birthday post. For each comment will donate $1 to my fave charity (the rescue group where they found me!)


  1. What a yummy looking cake, Bear. And the colours of the icing goes so well with your coat. You're so well co-ordinated!

  2. I like seeing you sharing your cake with your sister and niece.

  3. mmm you iz lickin off teh frosting furst, eggselent tekneek!

  4. I fink pizza sownds better den cayke but da cayke duz look good! Eggsellent idea to eat it yourself! :)