Sunday, January 29, 2012

Foxy Roxy

Dear world,

There are all these babes at the beach and they all want to play with me. If they like fetching and swimming, then I will play with them. But I do make it clear that my heart belongs to Lu. But if they don't like to swim and just like to run around, they are not at all my type. So I try to let them down easy. But this foxy Boxer Roxy just wouldn't give up and kept chasing me. Doesn't she know that it would be a lot more attractive if she played hard to get?

Love always,



  1. Mebbe she shud get lessons frum Lu! It must be fun to be so popular, Bear! :)

  2. maybe Roxy is a gold digger and is only interested in your tennis ball... I'm just saying ;)