Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spa flight

Dear world,

Rosy was looking like a shaggy dog, so Mom called Aussie Pet Mobile. Up drove the spa and in went Rosy. Rosy is not allowed to have anything around her neck, so it is quite the challenge to put clippers near her face without her biting them. But Laura the spa therapist figured it out. She suspended her in this hammock like thing and Rosy got to fly ! Incredibly cool! Now Rosy is thinking of becoming a flight attendant.

Love always,



  1. so cool they are Aussie & in California. I think Rosy should get into sky diving or parasailing!!! :)

  2. Rosie is flying! Iz think Rosie wud like being a pawsenger better than a flite attendant tho, duzn't her want to be served champayne?

  3. Woohoo - a flying Rosie! What fun!

  4. i got so excited when i saw the Aussie Pet Mobile! but i just checked you profile and you're not from around here, are you? :)

  5. OMD that is so cute, she make a cute one! Taffy