Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear world,

Mom sent a gift of pupcakes from me and Rosy to our friend in Florida. A few days later a box of treats arrived from the company thanking us for sending a gift! So I suggested to Mom that we should send more gifts so that I get can get gifts too. She told me to remember that when I give a gift it is to make someone else happy, not me. And there it was, yet another life lesson for Bear.

Love always,


PS. Thanks so much for making my friend Harley happy. (And thanks for making me happy too! Love those Coconut Chips! BearHUG!)


  1. you have to make someone else happy and not you? that's a myth (at least for dogs).

    p.s.: those coconut ones look very tasty... do you have some left?

  2. Dear Bear,
    I'm glad you and Rosy love the Coconut Chips. Give some to mom (Diane & Kathy snack on them, too!). And I agree with you AND's good to give AND to receive! And thanks for the shout-out!
    p.s. I hope your friend in Florida loves the pupcakes!

  3. OK, Bear. That tongue says it all!!

  4. That is so true. Giving should be about making someone else happy! Good lesson!