Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Boot for Mom

Dear world,
Mom went out the other day and came home with this weird looking shoe on one of her feet. I asked her where her other new shoe was. She explained that there is only one, and it is a medical boot. (I was relieved, cause it is really ugly.) Anyway, she has to wear it and stay off her feet! So now Dad has to be Mr. Mom and take care of everything including me and Rosy. To help Dad, I suggested ordering in food so no one has to cook. Maybe Dad will take my advice and order pizza tonight. Paws crossed.

Love always,



  1. Iz sorry you mom haz to ware that funnee boot, but I hopes you gets lotsa pizza Bear! Sending *softpaw* to your mom.

  2. Mom, we hope you heal up soon and aren't hurting too much. We think Bear has a good idea about ordering out. Not all pizza but some. Pizza makes everyone feel good.
    Sending #Healing Purrs to Mom and Kitty hugs to Bear.
    Tippy & Penny

  3. Ugh, we heard that our mom had to wear one of those a couple of years ago before we came along. (Glad we didn't have to witness it.) She says it was no fun at all! Hope your mom doesn't have to wear hers for too long!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  4. TW had to wear one of those boots when she broked her ankle. I hope your Mom didn't breaked the ankle.

  5. Oh dear Bear. Your mom sure has a time with her footies doesn't she. I think she had a problem about a year ago too. Hope she gets well soon.

  6. What's wrong wif your Mom's footsie, Bear? Hope it gets better fast! Dads seem lyke dey wud be way moar likely to order pizza den Moms. Good luk!