Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frisbee Dreaming

Dear world,
The other day at the beach I watched this dog play Frisbee. His dad threw the Frisbee and it soared across the sand. The dog leaped high into the air and caught it each time. So I asked my Mom if she would play Frisbee with me. She told me she can't throw a Frisbee so I need to play with someone else. I said never mind cause I just want to play with Mom. So I will just keep dreaming about the awesome Frisbee dog and remain an awesome ball dog.

Love always,



  1. Nothing wrong with being an awesome ball dog, Bear!

  2. Nuthin iz more fun than playing wiv yer mom Bear, you iz a smart doggy!

  3. Such a cute Golden boy...with a sweet snoozy smile on your face. We love you, Bear! RainbowCatsx8