Friday, January 20, 2012

Say Cheese !

Dear world,

And today is yet another food holiday... Cheese Lovers Day! I really would love to personally thank the people that come up with these days! Anyway, I really love cheese. Other than on pizza, my favorite is string cheese. It comes in these wrapped up sticks which Mom unwraps, and then tears the cheese into stringy strips. She dangles them and I usually can't wait until she throws it to me. They are just so yum. Hope you get to enjoy Cheese Lovers Day with your favorite cheese!

Love always,



  1. Me n mai sisfurs LOVE LOVE cheese too. So does owr nefew Dakota. He goes in his crate to get cheese!

  2. maybe we should have a Cheese Month instead.

  3. I love cheese too! Great photo! He is so cute!