Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Train Schedule!

Dear world,
Yesterday I had a rather terrifying walk. There is this really pretty trail that is on the bluffs next to the railroad tracks. Most of the trail is great, but there are a couple of parts that are very narrow, cliffs on one side, tracks on the other. Mom usually makes me run during that part of the walk. Today, while we were going through a very narrow part, Mom hears the train coming and grabs me, holds me real close and closes her eyes. I was petrified (even though I knew we were safe). I wasn't sure if it was her heart or my heart beating so fast. Well, it was over quickly thank goodness. A guy that saw us suggested that we get a train schedule. Yeah right. Like we will ever go on that trail again!
Love always,


  1. Dat's too scary. Glad your mama had ahold of you.

  2. wow...I would've been petrified too...woof...

  3. Sure looks beautiful - without the train!