Monday, February 15, 2010

Dog skates?

Dear world,
I watched some of the Olympics with my Mom. The skiing looked like fun. Sort of like surfing, only with two skinny boards. I could see a dog doing that. After all, I have seen a dog snowboarding (my furriend Niqqi showed me her video).
But ice-skating fascinates me. I wonder if they make skates for dogs. I don't think I would be interested so much in the speed skating, although I do admire Apollo. But figure skating is so nice. You get to jump and spin and smile. And you get to wear great costumes and everyone applauds for you. I think I would like pairs skating. Who wants to be my partner? And do you have skates?
Love always,


  1. Ello Bear. I like your blog! I would love to be your partner but I dussnt av no skates. I am bery good on water even if if it is ice! Fink of me and we can do Bolero togeva like Torvill an Dean.

  2. Hehe I will be your partner, but i might be a little heavy for the lift I do weigh about 90LBs, bt i might look pretty in one of those uniforms BOL i dont have skates either

  3. Hi Bear. I (JinJin) could be your partner. I only weigh 30 lbs. Should be easy for a big strong Golden like you!

  4. You look like a great skater. Check out my new Twitter avatar - I am ready for the Olympics Pawpawty this weekend. My sport is the giant slalom.

  5. hmm I'll ask my sister if she's interested.
    You look great by the way. Maybe I should learn figure skating...

  6. You look very nice on skates bear. I no go on the ice--too slippery. I can barely get around on the wood floors at home. The people have to put rugs to make a path for me. I think that would goof up the skating. *wag wag*

  7. Dolly says she thinks you two would make a great pair of figure skaters! She wants to know when do you start practicing?!? She's even put a short post about the pawpawty on her blog

    Go for Gold!