Monday, February 1, 2010

Zen dog

Dear world,
Sometimes, after major playtime in the ocean, Mom takes me for a walk on the beach. Today, she wanted me to rest, so we sat on the rocks. I decided to meditate. There I was, using all my senses. Smelling the ocean air, bird poop, dog pee and wet fur. Tasting the salt on my tongue imagining it was cookie crumbs. Hearing the ocean waves crashing (it was low tide, and the waves weren't that big, but it sounds better to say crashing) and seagulls flying overhead (and arguing with each other about who gets what part of the fish). Touching the sand under my paws (not sure the sand is wet, or my wet paws are on dry sand) Seeing - well since my eyes were closed I was imagining the ocean ahead of me...I guess I would say that I was visualizing the whole beach. I am such a Zen dog. Wouldn't you say?
Love always,


  1. That certainly is a Zen pose! I might have snow but you can go swimming now and it's too cold for me to do that!

  2. Yes. Zen dog for sure. Very wet one. BOL BOL