Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip Treats

Dear world,

So I found a good side to this move. Mom and Dad took us to the store to stock up on treats for the trip. I was too busy sniffing around and looking at the kitties, birds and hamsters to notice what was going in the shopping cart. But when I got home, I couldn't believe all the treats! Wait a second, how long is it going to take to get to my new home?

Love always,



  1. Bear,

    Maybe mom is stocking up because she will be very busy unpacking when you get to the new house and she might not be able to shop right away.

    I'm sure you are going to a wonderful place, maybe it has trails close by like our house. Sampson and Delilah love to run on the trails.

  2. Geesh Bear...wanna share? I agree, you scored big-time!
    Sending lotsalicks...and all the drool that you've triggered...

  3. Wow Bear. You have a huge haul of treats. That would have lasted a year in our house. But you have to share with Rosy so I guess you don't get to eat all of them.

  4. so many treats. Is your mom and dad going to push all their boxes through the streets to their new home? How many days is it going to take?

  5. WoW Bear I fink yoo cud go to anofer continent wif dat menny treets!

  6. Bear! That looks like Christmas 'n Trick or Treat n' Easter all rolled into one! A nice assortment. But don't eat too many at once or you and Rosy will have tummy aches for sure.
    The RainbowCats