Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Blue Whale

Dear world,
We set out back on the road on Day two of our trip. Mom was insistent on going to see a big blue whale. So I figured we must be going to the ocean! Then I saw the sign for Route 66 - that's where the Cars were in the Disney movie! We drove into the town of Catoosa, Oklahoma and then I saw it. A big blue whale! We got out (even though it was over 100 degrees) and walked into the whale. Now I know how Pinocchio felt!

Love always,



  1. he he - Route 66 huh. Yup - you might till be headed towards us. (jumping up and down with hope).

  2. Hi Bear, guess what, we were at that blue whale last year!!
    Missouri to Kansas to Oklahoma Rte 66
    Can't wait to hear where you finally end up!

  3. WoW Mama sez it sownds lyke yoor big road iz I-40. I neber been on doze big road b4. Dat blue whale makes yoo look lyke a small Bear! It iz nyce to heer frum yoo!

  4. Wow! That whale is HUGE! Where's Rosy? She didn't get eaten did she? RainbowCats

  5. Wow, he is very impressive. Can't wait to hear where you're all heading !!

  6. Mom says she doesn't remember the blue whale, but it was 1999 when she went out West. Sweet Bear, you've got an exciting trip ahead.
    xoxo Kassey