Friday, August 26, 2011

Me and the girls

Dear world,
Bunnybell came to visit (with my human sis Sydne). It is so nice being together with BunnyBell in San Diego. This time though, Rosy is here too. So now I have two little girls to watch out for. So I take them on walks and I feel like the Bear Piper. And then we stop and rest and they get to ask me questions. Since we haven't seen each other in awhile, BunnyBell had so many things on her mind. I feel so important being a big brother and an Uncle.

Love always,



  1. And what a great big brother/uncle you must be. They seem to be looking at you adoringly in teh pictures

    Take care


  2. What a great reunion for you Bear - you loves HoneyBell and I'm sure Rosy will too.

  3. Wow, those girls sure look up to you. They know you can teach them so much....especially Rosy as she is new to the Beach. Hope you are all settled in by now. We think you all deserve pizza tonight.
    Love to all,
    Penny & Tippy

  4. are a great big bro and Uncle!!!! @NellieSpringer

  5. You are a role model for the girls.
    Is amazing to see you back in that beach with your niece and Rosy.

  6. You're also an Important Friend and Great Blogger to all of us Bear! And, look! You all get to be off-leash! That's the best. Love from RainbowCats

  7. You are the bestest big brother and uncle that anyone can have. They are both very lucky.
    I always enjoy your blogs and the beach there looks so pretty.

  8. Bear yoo look lyke such a leader in dat one foto. I am sure da gurls love habin yoo der to answer all der questshuns and help dem. Yoo iz such a good boy!

  9. I bet Bunny's so very, very happy to have you back again !!