Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conoco and Cadillac

Dear world,

On the third day of our trip when driving through Texas, Mom wanted to stop and see more landmarks on Route 66. Of course, I obliged with photo shoots. One was the Tower Conoco station with the U-Drop Inn Cafe. You can't get gas or food anymore, just info and souvenirs. Cool art deco building. (Looks a bit like the one in Disney's film Cars). Then we came to Cadillac Ranch. It was a bunch of Cadillacs upside down in the ground! Way cool. I could have had fun and added my name with spray paint, but Mom said no. So much for getting my kicks on Route 66.

Love always,



  1. You've become quite a tour director too, Bear! Those are some pawsome stuck-in-the-ground cars you got to see. I bet it was too hot to stick around long though.

  2. My Mama saw doze cadillacs stickin owt uv da grownd on one uv her twips! Yoo r such a traveller Bear! How iz Rosy holdin up? Her hazznt been in da pikshurs.

  3. My mom loved the photos, Bear and Rosy!!! She has been planning a trip on RT. 66 for next summer. We won't be going the whole way though, since we are in North Carolina, but we will also see the cadillacs and the Blue Whale too!!! Have fun!!! @NellieSpringer

  4. you as usual are the model for all the pictures.
    I like that Conoco place.
    Keep enjoying your trip.

  5. Those colorful cars look like Christmas ornaments! They prob'ly don't get good mileage anymore though. Stay cool! Purrs from RainbowCats

  6. Bear your journey is so exciting! I can't wait to see where you stop next.

  7. Another nice colorful stop, Sweet Bear. Stay cool, young man.
    xoxo Kassey