Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frosty Paws

Dear world,

Yesterday Mom took out a Frosty Paws box from the freezer. I was very excited, but Rosy was skeptical. She had never heard of them. She asked why she would want to eat someone's paws? I explained that it was a delicious ice cream for dogs. So she tasted it and thought it was good. But she thought it was much too cold to eat. So she took some out of her bowl and decided to wait until it got warm to eat it. How can she not understand the concept of ice cream?

Love always,



  1. I love Frosty Paws ice cream!!!!! They are so cold and that is refreshing in this miserably hot weather!!!! @NellieSpringer

  2. Itz so good yoo iz der to teech all dis stuff to Rosy! I lyke milk and ice cream but I never haz had frosty paws. I bet my nephew Dakota wud lyke dat cuz he lyke ice cubes.

  3. Bear, be careful with the brain-freeze :)

  4. Me love ice cubes,mom always has choc so I no get any icecream,bet it is yummy!!!

  5. We gave a Frosty Paws to our dog, Shadow (that's him in the picture) once. He thought it was something to guard and growled when anyone or any cat came near it. Even after it melted, he still thought he had to guard the puddle. So he never found out how tasty they were! :(