Sunday, August 7, 2011

Temporary Gangster

Dear world,
My lab friend Cocoa Puff suggested while I have my scar, I could be a gangster and make all the girls swoon. So I found my gangster hat. Cocoa Puff was right about the girls. I keep on getting these messages from girls flirting with me and wanting to be my girlfriend. Why do so many girls like bad boys? Well, I am not bad. And I am only a gangster until my scar heals. And I don't want a girlfriend. After all, I am Mama's boy.

Love always,



  1. That hat makes you look very distinguished. Do you have a pinkie ring to go with it?

  2. of coars teh gurls luv you Bear, you iz sweet like shugar an your mom iz lucky!

  3. You're a good looking gangsta, Bear!!!! @NellieSpringer

  4. Yoo look so dapper, Bear! Maybe Rosy can be your gun moll! :) Just until yoor scar heels, uv coarse!

  5. Hey Bear,

    I am new to your site, and excited to get to know you better cause you like like a True Dogs Guy.

    I saw some of your past posts and My Vickie is smitten with you.

    I like the Scar Face Look. It makes you look wise and worldly and tough. I wonder if I got one if my nemises Allred alias The Devil would leave me alone.

    Anyway, good to meet you


  6. I love it!!! Sorry you have a scar and hope it goes away soon. Chase and I enjoy your blog. Take care and huge hugzzzzzzzzzz!


  7. You are right, what was I thinking.
    Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.