Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunset reflection

Dear world,
A new activity since I have been home is walking a bit over a mile to Powerhouse Park. Then we sit on the grass (the benches are usually taken) and watch the sunset. At first I wasn't sure why I should watch a sunset, especially since it made me blink a lot. But then as I watched I realized it is a perfect time to meditate and reflect on the beauty of the earth. And since it is around dinnertime, sunset also makes me think of pizza since it is round and similar coloring.

Love always,



  1. Oh, and what a great time to have "quality time" with your human. Just you and her.

    We usually go and sit by the river and watch the beaver as they get tree branches for their houses. N\Mostly I just love sitting nest to my Vickie.


  2. I luvs it when you wax powetikul Bear, teh bewty of teh sunset iz like teh bewty of the pizza - tats deep thawtz.

  3. What a gorgeous picture Bear. it is truly bootiful.

  4. Mario iz rite dat iz a bootiful pikshur! When da sun sets rownd heer, it comes in da windows and it makes mai fur hot, so I usually sleep under da table when dat happenz. Happy yoo got to haz 'deep thawtz' to steel frum Pandy! :)

  5. I know you are so happy to be back home, Bear. And to get to watch that sky pizza is totally awesome!

  6. Bear, my humans wish they live in San Diego in the winter since it's so cold and dark here in Portland, OR (but they love the spring and summer here). I myself don't care, I sit on the register in the winter to warm up, and in the summer to cool down.
    Jake the red tabby.

  7. Bear, you do have a bootiful place to live. The lovely sunset reminds me of pizza too, 'bout time for Mom to buy one.
    xoxo Kassey

  8. Bear, your mom is a good photographer. Is a very Zen picture.

  9. A good time of day for gratefulness and thanks.
    xxoo RainbowCats

  10. Sunsets are boootiful!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack