Friday, April 6, 2012

Stay and smell the flowers

Dear world,

Mom has been really busy with stuff lately and like a typical Mom, stresses about all sorts of things. So today on our walk I told Mom to "stay". Then I stopped to smell a flower and suggested she should too. It made her smile. And in that moment, all her stress melted away. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone stayed and smelled a flower once a day?

Love always,



  1. What a smart boy you are, Bear! Uv corse efurrybuddy shud stop to smell flowers (and play wif bugs too)! It's nyce you helped your Mom get rid uv her stress too.

  2. Bear, Bear, dear Bear, you are such a very wise creature. You are also a good boy that I'm sure your mom is very proud of. Everyone would like to have a sweet, loving wise boy like you.

  3. that's why you are the center of your family... you are the wise one :)
    there is no stress than can withstand the kiss in a velvety nose.

  4. DUSTY: We love you Bear, and are so glad you helped Mom stop and get rid of her stress. HURLEY: You're such a great dog. Happy #FuzzFriday, furiend.

  5. Oh Bear, you are so very clever! I was feeling a bit stressed. That was just what I needed to hear. Thank you Bear!