Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggosaurs

Dear world,
Yesterday Mom decided it was time to do our Easter eggs. So out came the eggs, the bowls, the dye, the eggs in the colored water and then we saw something different. Are those dinosaurs Mom? Yup. Mom said we were making Eggosaurs. It was really fun and we love the Eggosaurs. I could have done without my new baby chick slippers though.

Love always,



  1. Happy Easter to you an Rosy an your mom an dad, you iz a cute lil easter Bear!

  2. You guys look so cute in your Easter Ears! The Eggosaurs are adorable, and I lyke your baby chick slippers! At leest you don't have to walk in dem. Happy Easter to you n Rosy, Mom n Dad, Sydne N BunnyBell!

  3. DUSTY: How wonderful to have Easter Eggosaurs. HURLEY: You and rosy look so happy, Bear.

  4. those eggs look amazing. the dinosaurs addition is so funny. your mom is so artistic. you two look adorable with those ears.

  5. Those Eggosaurs are way too clever to eat!! We think it's wonderful that your Mom does fun things for holidays even if there's no kiddies around. She's probably still a kiddie in her heart, huh? Those chickie slippers are terrific and you don't look too sad about them...they're keepin' your paws toasty! You and Lil' Rosebud make really cute pretend bunnies. Purrs from RainbowCatsx8