Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Princess Week

Dear world,
Its National Princess Week. So of course this has put Rosy in quite a tizzy. She wants to dress up as a Disney princess but she cant decide who she wants to be.. Roselle? Rosiana? Rosunzel? Rosielle? or Roserella? Poor Rosy. What a dliemna.
Happy Princess Week to all the princesses out there..
Love always,


  1. If its princess week den why cant Rosy dress as a difrent princess each day? Happy princess week Rosy! Dat sowndz rite up ur alley!

  2. Rosie is a princess on her own without any help, but if she wants to pick one, she should be Rosunzel. My little granddaugter just loves her.

  3. Bunny and I vote for Roselle. Bunny wants to be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.