Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Dear world,
The other day at the beach I met Albert. I asked if he wanted to play with me, but he doesn't like to swim nor like to fetch. He was interested in playing with Rosy. She walked by and said "Seriously?" and proceeded to walk away. Dad wanted to play with Albert, but the feeling wasn't requited. That's good, cause its a bit dangerous. Albert stepped on Dad's toe and he needed a bandaid.

Love always,



  1. Albert is one big fella! Hope dad's toe is ok! BOL!

  2. ha ha - ALbert is a big guy! You dad is lucky his toe wasn't smashed flat.

  3. Albert is a gentle giant. Very handsome.
    Did he wanted to play with Rosy or he just wanted lunch?

  4. Wow he is big! I hope he gets to have some fun doing something he enjoys!

  5. DUSTY: Wow! Albert is so big... I always think of you as big, Bear... but you're looking up to smile at Albert.
    HURLEY: I think Rosy has an admirer. He's probably a 'gentle giant' and would play nicely with Rosy.
    DUSTY: How's Dads toe now?

  6. Dat dog iz huge. Dey sey dat abowt my hyooman brofur's dog too. He's a golden dat da vet sez iz bigger den enny golden he's ever seen. Itz a shame dat Albert duzznt want to play at all.

    1. MOL! Sammy, Daisy, Puff, Moo & BabyTwo said, "Dat da biggest dawg our wittle kitty cat eyes eber seen!"

  7. MEOW!! Albert looks like he's as big as the Sphinx!! We guess that's why he called a GREAT Dane. We're sending healing purrs to Dad. Love from RainbowCatsx8