Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hoping for soft tissue

Dear world,
Yesterday I was having an absolute blast swimming at the beach. After about half and hour I felt an ouch and walked out of the ocean limping. I knew that was an uh oh. So after my bath Mom & Dad took me to the vet. She said no beach and limited walks for 5 days. If I am feeling all better, then it is a soft tissue injury , otherwise it may be a partial ligament tear and I'll be back at the doc. So I am hoping for soft tissues.
Love always,


  1. Oh poor bear - do you have to give up the beach again!~ Your poor baby cuz I know how much you love the beach. Fortunately, your paw wasn't hurt any worse.

  2. Sorry bout your boo-boo! Sure hope it's not a tear. Get your rest. Know you don't want to, but you want to get better ASAP. Healing hugs!

  3. I'm hopping for soft tissue injury too.
    I don't understand how can you injure yourself running on the soft sand.
    I guess you will be getting extra cuddles at home for a week.

  4. OMC! Poor dear sweet Bear! The ocean is where you have so much fun! The kitties are purring for you & I am praying that you heal quickly so you can get back in the water to play. We pray it be soft tissue and not ligaments. Also, since we love you so much & think you be so very special, we gonna send you pawhugs, kitty kisses, cuddles, snuggles & lots and lots of love!

  5. Mom's always hoping for soft tissues too. She has terrible allergies and has to blow her nose a lot. Hope you get to go swimming soon!

  6. Bear I sorry to heer you izznt feelin good. I howp it's soft tissue so you can go back to your adbentures soon. :(

  7. Oh Bear! We're sending lots of love and healing purrs, so hopefully you'll soon be good as new again! It's nice to loll around sometimes, but we know how much you love the ocean and finding new friends to play with.

    Meanwhile, we're sending an ESP message to Lil' Rosy asking if she'll wait on you foot and paw in exchange for our sending her some tuna!! We bet she will since you're her big brofur!

    Meows of encouragement from all of us... RainbowCatsx8

  8. My person had that partial ligament tear hope its not that cos it wasn't awful but it took a long time mending. No surgery though! Paws crossed!