Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beach Princess

Dear world,
For Princess Week, Rosy finally decided she wanted to be a Beach Princess. So she adorned herself and went to the beach. Two girls immediately came over to admire her. So she figured they must be her ladies in waiting. Then she saw a box of pizza and asked that she be disrobed, and her ladies obliged. Then her ladies went over to get some pizza, but did not give any to Princess Rosy. So she decided she must have mistaken the mean stepsisters for ladies in waiting.
Love always,


  1. Awww - this is so sweet!

  2. Rosy is such a doll.
    Those 'ladies in waiting' are adorable. Is sad that they can't understand the pizza-needs that Rosy has.

  3. MOL hehe Rosy you looks bootiful! But oh noes, them were not ladies in waiting them be mean step sisters who don't shares pizza. I hopes you still had fun Rosy!


  4. Rosy is a beautiful Beach Princess! Those two blond stepsisters are like ladies in disguise. They be like wolves in sheep clothing! Poor Rosy had no way to tell how bad they were.

  5. Rosy looks so pretty in her Beach Princess owtfit. I fink it was nawt nyce uv doze little gurls to tease Rosy! (But I fink sumtimes Rosy iz a tease:)