Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Dear world,
For my birthday I got these treats named Thinkers labeled "Smart Dog Snacks". I picked them out because I am a Thinker and told I am a smart dog. When I got home and had one, I thought I was a pretty smart dog cause they are delicious! Then I read the back label and it said that it is the pet owners that are the Thinkers and the Snacks that are smart! It is obviously a human who wrote the back label copy.

Love always,



  1. Bummer Bear.You should send a paw print to the company and tell them they were not very smart after all and you wouldn't be selecting anymore of their treats cuz you are the Thinker in your family.

  2. Of course you are smart Bear! You write your own blog, after all. Mariodacat has an excellent idea. You could tell them you *think* they would be even *smarter* if they let dogs do the testing and then write their own reviews! That does look like a very tasty snack. We think that company would be smart to put your picture on the bag, too. Meow!! Love from RainboxCatsx8

  3. you are a very handsome and golden thinker to me.