Thursday, October 27, 2011

Devil Bear

Dear world,
In perusing ideas for Halloween, I thought maybe I should consider something more traditional. So I got out my horns and cape but it was just not enough. Then I remembered that now that I am nine years old I should be dressing to the nines. So I got out my bowtie. Yes, I think that completes the look for Devil Bear. Quite dashing, don't ya think?
Love always,



  1. Oh Bear - you are one handsome doggie. You are so right - that bow tie was just wanted you needed to dress up the devil costume.

  2. We think you look very impressive and dignified:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  3. Aww Bear, you iz da sweetest devil I eber saw! P.S. only 4 more days till Howloween!

  4. The bowtie definitely makes the outfit! You're quite the handsome devil.

  5. OK, now you need a red cummerbund, too.