Friday, October 14, 2011

Perfect Nap

Dear world,

Mom got this email introducing PodTime Sleep Pods - 110 feet of mattress and cube proclaimed a "sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment" - a "perfect nap space". Well that got me to thinking that maybe I could use a Podtime. Then I could just go inside, close the frosted door, set the optional alarm clock and not be disturbed until it is time to go to the beach, play ball, or eat. It would be perfect to put in my office. Problem is, I don't have an office. I guess I will continue to nap on my dog bed.

Love always,



  1. Dat iz one weerd looking contrapshun, Bear! I fink yoo shud hab an office. Maybe yoor Mom cud look into that sitchuashun. Happy dog bed napping!

  2. Oh dear! Maw says that pod bed reminds her of an MRI machine & she HATES being in the MRI machine!
    Skip the pod & just get an office. A prolific and talented writer, such as yourself, deserves his own creative space!
    Always Love You & Your Bloggy, Bear!
    Mr. Bizbee Kitty

  3. Japan has those things on special hotels for people that want something cheap. The movie "The Fifth Element" also has something similar. Bear, you have the advantage of making any place you are laying down your bed.

  4. Wow Bear! This looks like a great idea for a Grizzly or Black Bear to hibernate!! Do you think the alarm clock could be set for three or four months' worth of sleep?

    You prob'ly wouldn't want to go that long without a dip in the ocean or sharing a pizza with Rosy though. Maybe your Mom could forward that email to the forest!

    Love from RainbowCatsx8

  5. We're finally catching up with the Japanese?? Mom's brother saw those in an airport in Japan a LONG time ago! LOL...