Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cardiff Kook

Dear world,
I heard about this surfer statue in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and just had to go see it. It is named The Magic Carpet Ride, but everyone calls it the Cardiff Kook. Most of the surfing community doesn't like it cause they say it is unrealistic and looks like a skinny novice surfer that is about to fall off his board. I, a soon to be novice surfer think the Kook is cool. I can also relate to him since people often dress him up in all sorts of gear - Zorro, Pumpkin Head, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, etc. I wonder if my Mom has anything to do with that.

Love always,



  1. So Bear is going to become a surfing dude. YAY - that sounds like great fun. Be sure to have your peeps take pictures.

  2. OMD, Bear. I can see you now--up on that surf board riding the waves!

  3. Well, Bear. We know you will be a great surfer doggie. You already swim like a champ.
    And we have to agree with you...keep an eye on Mom and you might find out she is the one dressing the statue...check those Target bags.
    Tippy and Penny

  4. if it is not your mom dressing the statue, you know what that means? that there are others like your mom dressing their dogs or statues in the city... scary :)

  5. It seems to be a nice statue. If it looks too real, then it might not be a statue. You look very lovely posing in front of it:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  6. Dat must be a really tall statue cuz it iz way bigger den yoo, Bear! I bet you'll be a gweat surfer! Maybe dem dressin dat statue up is where yoor Mom got da idea to dress yoo up?

  7. You sure do get to see lots of interesting stuff. Maybe someday there will be a statue of you on a surfboard, too. Did you know that the guy who made that statue got $92,000 for it? A dog could buy a truckload of treats for that much money...or 11,500 pizzas! Imagine! That would make an excellent homecoming party for Sweet Lil' Rosy. Lots of love from RainbowCatsx8