Monday, October 24, 2011

King Tut

Dear world,

I felt it would be appropriate to dress as King Tut. He began his reign as a pharaoh in Egypt when he was nine years old, and I just turned nine years old! Another commonality is that we are both Goldens. He was the the Golden (King) and I am the Golden (Bear) . And I am sure that he looked just as good in his hat as I do. I wonder if he liked tennis balls?

Love always,



  1. We love your costume, it is so appropriate. Last year I saw King Tuts treasures at the discovery exposition center in NYC. One was an ancient dog collar

  2. he he - that's the best one yet pal.

  3. I bet he did! Mom is reading "Cleopatra". She wore lots of pearls so maybe that's what I should do for Halloween.

  4. Love your costumes Bear. I have been practicing Halloween too this week.

  5. Bear, my history book when I was at school had the cover page exactly as this picture... can't be sure if a tennis ball was there

  6. Bear yoo haz such great costooms! I bet dere is one for efurry day till Howloween! You make a beary dashing King TuT.

  7. @justanothertrnd said...
    HURLEY: *humming Walk LIke and Egyptian* *strutting around Living Room* DUSTY: What's up? HURLEY: Bear's great costume just made me feel like dancing!

  8. Bear, you look really regal in the King Tut costume.
    xoxo Kassey

  9. Dancin' by the Nile,
    The ladies love his style,
    Rockin' for a mile
    He ate a crocodile.

    Those colors look good on you, too!